When in Rome…

Caring for our common home When in Rome… We came together As people of all faiths and beliefs Moved by the need for Humanitarian and planetary relief And we pledged To work together, to care And repair Our Common Home When in Rome… We spoke Of Greater Manchester’s history Of revolution And industry And of … Continue reading When in Rome…

A stitch in time…Coops & Cooperation in a time of Covid

“Do something outside yourself, something to repair tears in your community.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg Connecting and owning the threads I’m proud to be a member of the Cooperative Party and when I stand for re-election in May 2021 it will be as a Labour and Cooperative Councillor. I believe the cooperative movement is fundamental to … Continue reading A stitch in time…Coops & Cooperation in a time of Covid

On yer bike!

To tackle inactivity and obesity and make cycling a real option for people we need to do more than ‘prescribe it’  I’m an advocate of cycling, and I’ve witnessed how getting on a bike can promote good health and address ill health, and more broadly be good for the health of communities, public services, our … Continue reading On yer bike!