This is my start at a spring clean, a decluttering, to make space for the new and the emerging.

It is 4 July 2020. My head feels full. I have 70+ tabs open on my laptop. My ‘draft blogs’ folder is bulging. My scrap books are piling up. And my photos are chewing up 325.7GB on my phone.

As I prepare to crawl out of my cocoon, to emerge from lockdown, I need to free up my own hard drive to increase capacity and room to listen, see, absorb and sense-make. I want to create space for new imaginings, for possibility, for divergence, convergence and for transformation.

Half drawn sketches, a blog finished but never posted. I can’t stand waste. And I can be pretty sentimental. Left to myself I struggle to decipher and filter the treasure from the junk so I’m at risk of hoarding. Locked away, gathering dust as it awaits completion it serves no purpose. It feels wasteful and brings me no joy. In fact it weighs me down at a time I need to be light, agile and responsive. So I’m letting go.

This is my virtual box of stuff, a collection of some of my thinking, feeling and doing over the last few years – an eclectic mix of writing, drawing, photos, podcasts, abandoned websites and video clips. This is me, in all my messiness. Lacking the structure and order of a traditional blog, I invite you to rummage through and see if there is anything in here that is useful to you, any treasures you can reuse, recycle, repurpose. By sharing, who knows what gem of a conversation it may spark, what reaction it may provoke, new connection create or mutual sharing it may nurture?

Let me know how you get on, what you see and what it provokes. I welcome any help to filter and to spot patterns and coherence in the mix. And if you have stuff you’d like to share, I’d welcome a rummage. This is Me which means it is a small part of Us.