Our GM must shed it’s grey overcoat – May 2017

Collectively we must throw off Greater Manchester’s grey overcoat so we can pay attention to and nurture the thriving eco-system within.  In a recent ‘check-in’ with colleagues Nicola shared her feeling of wanting to shed her ‘grey overcoat’ it left me thinking … You can’t spend long in Greater Manchester without becoming aware of the … Continue reading Our GM must shed it’s grey overcoat – May 2017

Data matters #GM4Women2028 – Feb 2019

(written with Nicola Waterworth February 15, 2019) The launch of the Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard, in the birthplace of the suffragettes, provides us all with a means to play our part in achieving women’s equality, and transforming the fortunes of Greater Manchester, the region’s employers in all sectors have a key role to play. In launching the #GM4Women2028 … Continue reading Data matters #GM4Women2028 – Feb 2019

My Write

I wrote this in November 2017 for the Women's Words Mcr project, hosted by the Pankhurst Centre. More info about the project can be found here. We all have many stories, this is one of mine, thank you for sharing it with me...  I was born in St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester on 6 February 1979 … Continue reading My Write