We Rise, We Roar, We Represent
We are the 51 percent
We march, we chant, our truths we speak
We shine a light when all feels bleak

We dance, we sing, swing our hips and pray
We grow hope for the future, we grow pride in today
In our sisterhood and solidarity
We share pakoras, dumplings and almonds in mint tea

Together we laugh, we share anger and grief, we cry
And when hate showers down, we refuse to stand by
When others wrong, we stand strong
Because Manchester is our home and it’s where we belong

On the shoulders of ancestors, corseted and starched
Alongside our global sisters, and those hungry and parched
We are strong Mcr women
And this, I promise is just the beginning

We will Rise, We will Roar, We will Represent
Until equality is felt by each and every one of the 51 percent

I wrote this on 6 March for an International Women's Day event
Rise Roar Represent was our slog for Manchester IWD 2021

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