You have always been there for me
Keeping me on track
Since in a papoose 
On my parents' back

Circling the playground 
Up and down our street 
You brought me joy and independence
My own wheels and a comfy seat

You got me to nursery
And to school
To the shops, the park
The swimming pool

You taught me about risk
You showed me my power
You helped me be strong
To look forward and not cower

You made life an adventure
Through flooded lanes & pouring rain
Up hill, down dale
On the train

Across the Irish sea
Where we sang as we rode
Between each B&B

And, so of course, You came In tow
When off to uni I did go
You opened up a world of possibility
As I travelled from city to city

On well tread tyres
You carried me around dreamy Oxford spires
Your gears, saved my tears 
On those Bristol hills

And, when I was bound
To London Town
It was you I did bring
Your bell I did ring

And, when I returned to Manchester
Where our story had begun
Me now a mum, my mum a speedster nan
You made life all the more fun

For purpose, for play
You enabled me to do things, my way
With one kid, two, then three
Thanks to you, I was still free

Dressed as a witch, suffragette or a bumble bee!
You taught me local her-story
About my ancestors, who pedalled against the tide
In the fight for the vote my sister warriors, did ride

And you’ve connected me to place
Introduced me to local gems - you are ace!
Your limits have showed no ends
As you’ve introduced me to friends, upon friends, upon friends

And you gave me a new sense of purpose
As together we’ve help lead change
A quiet revolution...
For health, happiness and inclusion
Bike buses, school streets, kidical mass
Community rides and events with sass
Whalley Range on Wheels and dancing Spokes
Sure showed those blokes!

Bike riding, fixing, tricks and bmxing
Bike Hive, Bike Right, Push Pedal Scoot
It’s been a hoot!
Our streets, and bike deliveries to boot

You bring out the best of community
The strength and beauty in our unity
As people gift their time, skills and pedal power
And volunteer for hour after hour

You’ve made my life more joyful
When my heads been full or life feels dull
You get my blood pumping, heart thumping
Joints moving and body grooving

With you there’s no need to sit still and wait
In traffic jams, running late
You emancipate, make me feel safer 
At night getting from A to B to C

Thanks to you I never need to drive
And instead with each bike ride
I feel I’m doing a little bit to help us humans stay alive
And strive

As we reimagine a life greener, fairer, & kinder
You are a constant reminder
Of the simplicity & possibility
To make a cultural shift

So thanks for making me a part of your story
Of bike revival and Human survival
A movement for active lives for all
Thank you, it’s been a ball!

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