Data, deeds and determination
We move together like a murmuration
Look out for the flock
And the boats we rock
As we gather and group
Soar and swoop

For women and girls
Bomber jacket, boots or twin set and pearls
Hair long and straight or short tight curls
Women of every age
Together on one stage
Regardless of race, accent or disability
We all have the right to equal care and stability

For parity and respect, in every aspect of our lives
As friends, colleagues, neighbours, leaders
Lovers, partners, sisters, mothers, daughters and wives
To be safe, to be heard
Yes. Each. And. Every. Word.
To participate and represent
By more than 34.4%

For 103 years and counting
Some women have been voting
Yet the scores on the doors
Leave our ancestors doubting 
That we will ever achieve
True parity between Adam and Eve 

But we must, and we can
Be treated equal to The Man
So join us and help us count
Help us organise and hold to account
To make GM a great place
To be a girl, woman and Nan

We are GM
We are #GM4Women
And 2028 will mark the end of our beginning
With data, deeds and determination
We grow and move together like a murmuration

I wrote this for the launch of our GM FawcettPankhurst Scorecard at our annual GM4Women event on 6 Feb 2021,  103 years since some women got the vote.  Data, Deeds and Determination was the name of the event.  See for more information.

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